Combining Leisure Travel and Business Travel to Save Money

Combining Leisure Travel and Business Travel to Save Money

Combining leisure travel and business travel is a trend that is gaining increasing popularity. Younger professionals that travel for work want to add some leisure travel days in their schedules. This trend is definitely enabling individual professionals to save money. But, to make sure that you merge leisure travel and business travel without troubles, follow these tips.

Check the Corporate travel policy of your employer

In some companies, employees are allowed to book individual travels at discounted corporate rates. Depending on the company, these rates can be better than those offered on hotel websites. It’s important to bear in mind the fact that employees are responsible for paying for the nights that they spend away. However, this yields greater savings especially when they book popular hotels.

Switch hotels

If you don’t have the option to negotiate corporate rates for leisure travel, switching hotels mid-trip might be worthwhile. Often, a weekend rate of a hotel is lower, especially in cities that are less leisure-focused. Switching hotels can imply going to a suburb. That way, you are likely to get reduced leisure rates.

Explore nearby

Apart from switching hotels, you can explore the nearby cities as long as they are within the range of your business trip destination. For example, you can rent a car then drive to the nearest beach then drive back to catch a flight out. That way, you will explore the destination and save money.

Use loyalty perks wisely

Most hotels have loyalty programs. These include amenities like free fitness center access, spa treatment discounts, in-room Wi-Fi, and free nights in some cases. Make sure that you sign up or register your company or business travel with the loyalty program of the hotel. This might end up getting you a free night or room upgrade if you extend the stay.

If you plan to travel for business, use these tips to merge leisure travel and business travel to save money. I recommend for all your bookings.


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