How to Request Your Boss to Extend Your Leave to Travel

I asked my bosses for unpaid leave for two months to implement my travel plans. Many people are surprised and tell me, “I would never get it at my workplace.” Such an idea still seems a whim to many people and bosses. Some tricks, though, will make them at least consider it.

Be an Effective Worker.

If you ask for an extension of your leave while spending most of your working hours on Facebook and then attempt to catch up two days before the deadline, you will not be successful. Your situation will be much better if your job is valuable and meticulous, you are ready to learn, and you work quickly. “After working in the same area for a year and a half, I requested an extended leave. It costs more to begin the hiring process and select and train a new employee. He would still be unsure whether or not this individual would be as good as you.”

Why Do You Wish to Travel?

Giving explanations and justifications is a powerful tool for persuasion. Researchers have shown that hearing the rationale behind a request makes us agree to it more quickly. Ask yourself if you would be more willing to allow someone to join a line ahead of you if they politely requested. How can you persuade your employer that you want to go on a world tour with them? Not only “simply because I detest my job” or “because I despise this dreadful job,” but also because you love to travel and want to accomplish your life goals are some of the many reasons why.

The Bottom Line

The strategies mentioned above and many others may not guarantee success in every case. But they increase the likelihood that you will get your vacation, and the employer will view it as a wise investment in a valuable worker. You will demonstrate that you are a driven individual who is not averse to taking on new tasks. Such staff members are significant assets and essential to corporate growth. And perhaps it isn’t worth working for him after all if he doesn’t appreciate it?

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