Useful Tips for Camper Van Travel

Anybody that has never traveled in a camper van may not know what to pack and considerations to make before the trip. However, Art and his wife Jessie from GT Roofing of San Antonio, swear to the heart that the following tips should make your camper van travel easier even if it’s your first time to make a camper van trip.

Know What to Pack

Campervan rental can compare to a holiday apartment rental. What you should pack for the trip varies depending on the campervan type, the duration you intend to be on a campervan vacation, and the season. Nevertheless, there are common items that every campervan traveler needs to pack. These include beddings, towels and linen. If the campervan has a limited space, pack belongings and clothes in a backpack or a soft bag. Other necessities that you should pack include a torch, adapter plugs, pharmaceuticals, music, a navigation system, and DVDs. You may also buy sugar, coffee, spices, toilet paper, tee, dishwashing liquid and bin bags.  


Campervan travels are more flexible than other options. Depending on the weather and your preferences, you can stay at one location longer or move your camp earlier. Nevertheless, campervan travelers have three major options to consider when it comes to accommodation. These include DOC campsites, commercial camping and freedom camping.

How to Handle Wastewater

To enjoy your trip, be an environmental conscious campervan traveler. Adopt behaviors that show that you care about the environment. For instance, use dump stations to dispose of wastewater. You will find a logo of a blue dump station at most campsites. Use it to dispose of wastewater.

Driving Your Motor-home

Driving and maneuvering a campervan is relatively easy. But, if you have not driven a campervan in the past, here are tips to guide you.

  • Always bear in mind the height of a campervan especially when packing under shelters or trees.  
  • Check the speed limit all the time.  
  • You drive on the left but you are always at the middle of a road.  
  • Be prepared to be overtaken on the left while driving on a multi-lane road.  
  • Acceleration and braking distance in a motor-home may take longer.  
  • Be cautious when driving in a windy area because the vehicle is higher than passenger cars.  
  • Extend and respect safety distances.  
  • Town driving can be complex because there is less space and more people.
  • Opt for an automatic campervan if unfamiliar with manual driving.  

Check the Campervan before Driving

Always check the campervan before you drive to ensure that your kitchen ware and belongings are secure. This enables you to ensure that you don’t end up having all items on the floor after turning a corner. Check drawers and cupboards to ensure that they are shut securely. Additionally, if you use a power cable, disconnect it before you drive and tidy the campervan before you hit the road. Similarly, check the gas cylinder to make sure that it is closed safely.

Follow these tips and your campervan travel experience will be more enjoyable and memorable.

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